This week's movie feature is a new take on the Sherlock Holmes mythos with Millie Bobby Brown playing the titular role as his sister in Enola Holmes. ...View Details

This week you can hear about a couple movies on Netflix. The main feature is The Devil All The Time which has a pretty stellar cast. There was also th...View Details

Somehow it is yet another super-long episode. The main reason is because of the Cobra Kai full Season 2 discussion. There were also three episodes of ...View Details

It's another three-hour episode as we celebrate Cobra Kai coming to Netflix. You can hear a rundown on the first season this week. The movie feature i...View Details

This week you can be excellent to each other as we celebrate the release of Bill & Ted Face the Music. It was a most excellent movie. The second f...View Details

This week there are two movie features. The main feature is the Netflix movie, Project Power, starring Jamie Fox and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The second ...View Details

This week's movie feature is the Warner Bros animated movie, Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons. This is the animated feature that started on the CW S...View Details

This week features the Seth Rogen movie, An America Pickle, exclusive to HBO Max. It's Rogen in two roles...about a guy who falls into a vat of pickle...View Details

This week there isn't a movie feature, but you can hear all about the first arc of Netflix's Transformers: War For Cybertron. There are six episodes i...View Details

This week the movie feature is The Rental. It's pretty cool and is the directorial debut by Dave Franco. It's worth renting for sure. There is also di...View Details

This week features two movies. The main feature is the creepy and freaky movie Relic. It's definitely worth the rental cost to check it out. The secon...View Details

It's the 150th episode! To celebrate...there are two movie features this week. You can hear about the Netflix movie The Old Guard which is based off a...View Details

This week's movie feature takes us to Netflix for the Will Ferrell/Rachel McAdams movie Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. It's a funny ...View Details

This week's movie feature is LEGO Shazam! Monsters and Magic. If you've watched any of the LEGO DC movies, you have an idea what to expect. Three epis...View Details

This week's feature is the new Blumhouse movie starring Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried, You Should Have Left. It was a "at home" rental, which stinks...View Details

This week's episode features the movie Artemis Fowl which was supposed to be released in theaters and is now showing on Disney+. You can also hear the...View Details

This week the movie feature is Just Mercy. You can rent it for free for the entire month of June. There is an attempt to discuss the current events in...View Details

Hopefully you're doing well. Most of this episode was recorded before all the horrible things started happening in the world. This week features the a...View Details

This week's movie feature is Justice League Dark: Apokolips War once again. This time, there are full spoilers. That ending needs to be talked about. ...View Details

It's a super-long episode because there is a lot to talk about. The Scooby-Doo movie, Scoob!, was released on home streaming. It was supposed to be re...View Details

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